The philosophy and study of architectural principles.

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UofM architecture studio


UofM architecture studio

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Classic Architecture Studies by Chema Pastrana

These are some drawings and sketches from my degree of Architecture, in Spain. Indeed, they were done during the classes of the best teacher I’ve ever had: Mr. Joaquín Lorda.

He thoroughly explained to us every single aspect of classical buildings and traditional construction, and encouraged us never to give up learning, for which I am much obliged to him!

Pen and pencils on several Moleskine Diaries.

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Scalie-bites cereal- Bonnie Newman

Scalie-bites cereal- Bonnie Newman

"My life gets more depressing when I think about the fact that the rest of my friends have graduated and are starting to buy houses and shit. I can’t even afford to make a model of a house!"
— Jeff Stewart


Luke Bray and Rob Stevens

The drawings are sober CAD plans of a shared domicile, a student flat; but instead of recording only the architectural matter traditionally recorded in such drawings, Bray and Stevens meticulously document all the mobile paraphernalia and detritus of everyday life. The drawings reveal cups, hair-straighteners, computer mice, tennis rackets, desk lamps, stereos, unmade beds, backpacks, papers, rubbish bins, wires, and photos on the wall. Each drawing exists in two states: walls-on and walls-off. In the walls-off state, the presence of the building is only intimated by the internal arrangement of of its contents.

Exact same arrangement of my room as well. Spooky.

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Villa Mk III  | Liam McRoberts

Thesis 2012 | Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Simeon Nelson: Plenum (2010-2012)

Plenum is series of computer generated real-time architectural light projections that were displayed festivals and exhibitions in Europe, the UK and Australia in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The first iterations of this work were commissioned by Mario Caeiro, for  the Skyway  Festival, Torun, Poland, 2010. Subsequent versions were co-commissioned by Mario Caeiro and Artichoke, a London based commissioning organisation for an EU funded project, Lux Scientia.

It comes out of a fascination with fundamental processes of nature and is based on a series of my drawings that depict states of matter at very small scales. These drawings were based on the illustrations of crystal lattices found in solid-state physics textbooks. The projection cycle of Plenum is underpinned by a perfect grid of dots arranged in a crystalline matrix, new dots begin to appear forcing the surrounding dots apart so that after 15 minutes the entire grid is pulsating, swaying and liquefying with particles popping in and out of existence. The top layers of the grid begin to disintegrate into a gaseous state shooting off in seemingly random trajectories so that the projection runs a full sequence from a frozen state of absolute order through increasing entropy to a state of complete chaos.

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Thinking about adding LED’s to a project like this now that I finished a class in digital sketching and hardware. 

Thinking about adding LED’s to a project like this now that I finished a class in digital sketching and hardware. 

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Natural History Museum Proposal

The proposal for the Natural History Museum of Denmark, designed by Kengo Kuma & AssociatesErik Møller Arkitekter, and JAJA Architects, focuses on creating a coherent and inseparable experience which mixes the experiences of the conventional museum and the classical garden into a series of remarkable spaces. Its location within the beautiful and historical setting of the city’s botanical garden creates a potential for a museum that is more authentic, more engaging and more open for everyone. More images and architects’ description after the break. (via_ArchDaily)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Kengo Kuma & AssociatesErik Møller Arkitekter, and JAJA Architects